Electricity Supply Number,please

I’d need to provide this number as I need it to change supplier, where can I find it?
I have this Prepaid meter, so no bills.

You would not need to find it, as the supplier you change to would get it from the nationl data base, which has a record of all the meters in the UK.
Bit like the births, deaths and marriages register really

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I see, but when I try to switch suppliers online, they need this number.

Must admit this is a new one on me, never in years of switchig with PP meters have I come across this before!
Do you have the old style key/card meter or have you recently changed to a prepay “smart” meter,(within the last six weeks or so)?

Yes, this is the other thing, I’d like to switch from this PP to the “normal” meter, I just moved here, never before seen this type. What I want is to go to the monthly payment and some other company. This type seems like eating my energy, I’m in shock.

How to identify your DNO. You can either visit the Energy Networks Association website and type in your postcode to find your DNO.
if you top up online or by app you probably have PP smart meter.
If they have just been installed recently they’re probably not registered yet.
If you contact your DNO they would have the supply N#, prob quicker than waiting for a reply from bulb.
PS dno, distribution network operator

If it is a “smart” meter new supplier should be able to change it from PP to credit meter remotely

How do I know if it is a Smart meter?

if you top up online it is a smart meter, also if there is NO slot for a key/card

Okay, it is not a Smart meter, does it mean, I can’t switch? I really don’t want to do this PP thing, convenience stores aren’t always open, what happens if there’s an emergency or such? I bet I’m not the only one wanting to change.

You can still switch, but with this coronavirus its anyones guess as to when a new supplier could change you to a credit meter.
what happens if there’s an emergency or such?
Should be emergency credit allowance on your meter,

do you have this image on or near your meter?image

No, that is my problem

It would seem that a previous occupier has changed supplier without bothering their A&E to infom anyone resulting in meter becoming deregistered from the national data base…
I’m afraid you must perservere with trying to contact blub(I know its difficult) or contact your DNO to get to the bottom of what has happened

Hi there @vattacukor,

I’ve just popped you an email with your electricity number. Let me know if you need a hand with anything else.