Electricity Tariff - Increased Cost


Received the ‘Your electricity will cost more from 1 April’ email and then because I appear to have more time on my hands reviewed in detail my previous bills.

From the email:
My old rate is detailed as 13.587 p/kWh with a daily standing charge of 20.444 p/day

On reviewing my old bills, the rate actually charged shows as 12.94 p/kWh with a daily charge of 19.47 p/day

Am I missing something and keep quiet?

Thanks Community in advance…

A maths lesson :grinning:

12.94x1.05= 13.587
19.47x1.05= 20.4435 (call it 20.444).

Why 1.05, it is to add the VAT. One set of figure you see is without VAT and the other is with VAT.


So simple and elegantly put, so thanks.
I now need to go and find something else to dig into :frowning: