Electricity tripping due to power line issue in the road

Since having our smart meter installation, which seemed to go very smoothly, our main electricity board has constantly been tripping. Real problem with 4 kids in the house. How do I get this checked?

You’ll need to get a local electrician to look at your consumer unit. When the “tails” from the meter are moved around, it’s quite possible for the connection at the other end inside the consumer unit to become loose. It really should be part of the standard installation to check this, but it’s not (no matter which supplier arranges the installation).

If you find that there was a problem caused by the installation, raise a complaint with Bulb.

@wulf, what a useful, helpful comment.

@markw525; it’s highly unlikely that anything involving the change of meters is the cause of what I presume is one of your MCBs/RCDs tripping. As @Hooloovoo says, the tails could be loose (see here) but I can’t think of any reason why loose tails would cause tripping any kind of devices in your consumer unit.

Thanks so much for the advice. After speaking with an electrician, it transpires there is a major power line issue in the road and now the whole of the road is dug up including our drive! So…looks like the meter installation was unrelated. Thanks again.

Make sure that they reinstate your drive to a better standard than it was in before and to reimburse you for the inconvenience and psychological stress!