Electricty Readings not Showing in My Account and No Bill or statement since joining Bulb in April

Hi I have had problems with our account ever since joining bulb back in April, in that initially, I could not even submit readings online and after several weeks of emails and telephone calls, it was finally was fixed, however, since it started working even though I can now submit both gas and electricity readings online, only the gas readings automatically show within our account (even though we receive the confirmatory email stating our readings have been successfully submitted!). I have emailed in numerous times about this and although I receive the automated notification stating my email has been received and I will receive a response blah blah blah I have not received a single reply to any of my last 3 emails sent to help@bulb.co.uk (and no their responses have not gone into junk nor have been blocked, I am a director of an IT company by trade so know nothing is wrong this side). Yesterday we suddenly had “manual” readings for our day and night electricity usage appear in our account, presumably for readings I have submitted going back months. Thinking the problem may be fixed, I again submitted my gas an electricity readings online (again I received the confirmatory email that both had been received/submitted OK) but again only the gas reading is now showing in the account!!! then to top that today I have suddenly had “estimated” figures for the electricity appear on the account, which is more than the actual current readings!

In Addition to this problem, we have not had a single bill or statement from Bulb since joining! only the regular amounts we are paying each month appearing on the online statement, so I have no idea what our actual account stands at in terms of usage costs!

We also had someone come in to read our meter only last week and yet none of the readings he took have even appeared on the account!!

I am getting somewhat fed up of constantly chasing Bulb about all this, and increasingly frustrated especially at not receiving any response beyond the automated “we have received your email”! Looking at the forum I see we are not the first to experience all these issues either and am now seriously considering moving elsewhere and making a complaint to OFGEM as this is going beyond a joke!!

Having exactly the same issue. Joined in March and no bill. Electric meter readings I have submitted are not showing on my account.

is getting ridiculous Sue, especially when the other day I suddenly received an “estimated” reading a day after having submitted actual readings and only a week after having someone actually read the meter officially! I have not had a chance to try and call them yet although apparently they dont check this forum as have not had any response from them nor on facebook!