Electricty tariff question

I live in a 3 bed-house with husband and our bill for gas and electricity has gone up to £120 a month on variable tariff - we work from home, so we use electricity all day

My son has moved into a one bed flat, and he’s being charged £120 a month just for electricity. He works all day, home in the evenings only. So this doesn’t seem right.

What should we be looking for to find out why he’s being charged so much? He’s on a pay monthly variable 2 rate and. his usage was estimated at £1440 a year for electricity only, which is the same as our GAS + ELECTRICITY estimate! Our annual electricity estimate was for under £700. It just doesn’t seem right, I don’t understand how this is worked out?

Actually charged, estimated or what his DD has been set at?

Predicted future use is based on an address’s useage history, not what your son uses now.

If it’s the DD amount you’re querying, he should contact his supplier and ask for a reconsideration. In any case, after a few months of unestimated bills, his supplier will get a better picture of useage and forecast ahead accordingly.

We both use Bulb. We recommended it to him but now it seems he’s being ripped off!

Ask him to contact Bulb and ask them to review his DD. If they refuse, he can go on to paying on receipt of each bill. His DD will then reflect what he actually uses not what Bulb thinks he should be paying in advance of useage. Paying on receipt only works if you submit a meter reading in the three days before the bill. Otherwise Bulb will estimate!

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If he’s just moved in then his estimated usage will be based of the previous occupants.

You would expect his annual electricity usage to be higher than someone with electricity and gas as he is expected to use electricity for heating and hot water too.

He’s not being charged £120 a month, he’s being asked to put £120 a month into his account to cover potential usage. He’ll only be charged the amount he uses each month, assuming he provides readings or has a smart meter. This will be deducted from the total in his account.

If he submits regular meter readings (when prompted a few days before his statement date) then he’ll get charged what he uses and the estimates for his flat will begin to reflect his actual usage (not the previous occupant or the average for that area etc), the is process can take a long time though. However if he’s provided regular readings for a couple of months and his account isn’t going in to debt each month then it would be unfair of Bulb not to allow him to lower his monthly payments. Their T&Cs say you can have a refund for any credit in your account so long as you are left with enough to cover 1 months usage (they have to purchase your electricity in advance with that money).

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Thank you both for your helpful replies. Much appreciated.