email change

Hello. I am an existing customer. I wish to change my email address. I am yet to find any guidance on the company’s web site. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hey @phillove , to change your email address you have two options:

  1. Send a request to change it from your existing Bulb email address to
  2. Get in touch by any means (private message here, email, chat, phone), make the request and answer a few security questions

Thank you, Rachel. Please advise me how to change my email address.

Hopefully the above hoop is an adequately sized one for me to jump through.

@phillove Have you contacted us via email to get this changed? You can message me on here to get this changed if you prefer?

In the absence of an answer to my comments today, I will try another of your suggestions.

Hi @phillove I’ve sent you a private message – we can arrange the email change in our private conversation.