email contacts for Bulb

I am looking to switch to Bulb, I emailed for details and got a reply, I then asked for further details including an example statement. I need this for my own spreadsheet to compare calculations.

The prices/rates quoted and the prices/rates on the example statement are not the same. I emailed help@bulb and no response.
Is there anyone else I can email (I won’t do phones) in order to get this clarified as it is delaying a potential customer. I am also slightly concerned that if I switch and have questions they may not be answered, as I will request some formula information from them in order to get accuracy on my spreadsheet.

Pedantic maybe but thats how I work 

Hi @scudo! Thanks for posting here. I can see that you’ve been emailing the and my colleagues Laura R and Ashwin have both responded to you about a quote.

As Ashwin explained in the email, the example statement is intended to give you an idea of what a statement looks like. The rates on it are not our actual rates. I’ve read the email chain and looks like all your questions about our rates, standing charges, VAT etc. have been answered. Which is great!

Emailing is the best way to talk to us if you don’t want to speak on the phone. We’ll always respond to your emails. (Some days sooner than others, we’re only human :))

I’ve just responded to your email from yesterday too!

Yes now resolved although the information was somewhat conflicting with regard to charges. The example statement was not suffice as it did not have the actual rates. The actual information I am looking for is what fiqures are rounded up or down in the monthly statement.
EG is kWh hours used 1015.91 rounded up to the nearest whole number or rounded down to 1015 or calculated at 1015.91 for the actual cost. The same applies to all other calculations as this can throw the monthly bill out by a couple of £s each month.
My previous supplier rounded some up and some down and some were calculated as is.

Hi @scudo, for customer readings they will be whole numbers but if they are estimates they will be rounded to 1 decimal point. As for the unit rates, they are always rounded to 2dp with the standing charges rounding to 0dp. The different rounding systems is, unfortunately, a little hiccup in our system. We can assure that the backend calculations made will always take every decimal point into account even if the statements cause a slight difference. All feedback on the statements is welcome as we want to make sure that it makes sense to our customers.

Thanks for your reply sj_han, I should be able to work it out when I start getting monthly statements.

Hi @scudo please do let us know if you have any more questions.