Email - do bulb ever respond

I’ve sent an email 13 days ago and 2 days ago and yet no response. Does anyone else have this issue? Phoned previously, was apologiesd to and told my problem would be rectified. It hasn’t. I need something in writing to ensure clarity and yet they never respond!


Nope! I’ve been waiting for a response for 2 and a half weeks now and have sent 2 chaser emails, all ignored. Last time I contacted them for a simple task it took a long time to resolve too and they ignored my initial email then too. They are easiest to get through to by phone, but even then it seems to take a few attempts for them to sort things out. To be honest I’m pretty sick of Bulb, the customer service is rubbish.


They are too busy trying to get the ‘can I watch my electricity consumption on my phone’ nerd app working to deal with normal queries.

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OMG! i switched over in July and they still haven’t sorted out my account. Their customer service is beyond poor - I’ve never known a company to ignore emails. I’m off to the Ombudsman in the next 48 hours if they seriously don’t get their finger out! I was warned their customer service was bad but this is completely a joke! I’m pretty irate to be perfectly honest.

I have also had the same problems. No response.

Go to the Ombudsman 0330 4401624 email or citizens advice 0345 404 0506

You can do it all over the phone, talk to someone and let them deal with the agro and stress. well worth it.


have to say exactly the same - five emails in a few weeks and nothing in return - been a customer since July and trying to fix the same issue ever since .

email sent -thanks for the info

Yes same here. All attempts to contact Bulb by phone and emails have drawn a blank.

Email…? Lmfao this isnt 1990’s. You do realise they have phones, right?


Eh? That makes no sense haha. Surely email is a more modern form of communication rather than phoning someone!

I have phoned them in the past. They said they had sorted it. They haven’t. I refuse to phone them again and again to sort out an issue that isn’t my fault and I’ve outlined in a number of emails. They have a policy of replying to emails by a certain amount of days otherwise £10 credit is issued on the account. Don’t have a policy unless you stick to it.


You can point score all you like but ultimately if you want the issue resolved then use the fastest method of communication

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Looking through your posts it would seem you’ve got previous for this. Either you work for this company or you have far too much time on your hands!

I wasn’t point scoring by the way. Just pointing out emails were a far new modern development of communication than telephone calls (both landline and mobile). So saying “Lmfao this isn’t 1990’s” made no sense at all. Anyway, I’ll wait for my emails to be responded to like any normal, well run company would do. Sounds like a lot of people are in the same boat as me.

In the long run the company will lose customers, money and positive reviews.


I’m not sure you are aware how customer service works. I did phone, they said they sorted it and they didn’t. I have emailed a number of times. The problem isn’t with me, I’m done my part. The problem now sits with them and will continue to until they finally respond to my emails. It is not down to me to chase them or sit on a phone for X amount of minutes - I’ve done my bit and more thanks.

I went on the website you suggested (thank you) and all that came back was they could help me but I should wait 8 weeks before they can progress with it. Did the same happen to you Pogo? Thanks

Well enjoy your 8 week wait :wink: alternatively you could call and demand a manager. ALL IN 8 MINUTES!:heart_eyes:

Thanks. Looks like I’m going to need it Ombudsman. I can’t get any response however I try and would just switch but really don’t want to transfer my non-working smart meters to new suppliers, not knowing how much energy I have consumed with Bulb & fear I may struggle to get back money they pobably owe

100% agree with you there. Having sat in call centre queues before speaking with someone, I’ve found they often can’t answer the question anyway (reading from the same webpage that I’ve just worked my way through possibly?). Plus these days it’s all about evidence unfortunately, so to avoid ambiguity, might as well have it in writing from the start. We switched to Bulb early September and have just started the chase to get a response to a query submitted intially via the website (no acknowledgement), followed up by an email (auto acknowledgement giving 5 day response time, just expired). So I followed their Community link to look for some pointers, and slightly alarmed to find this thread. Looks like I could be in for the long haul! Not quite the image portrayed by their cheery TV ad and welcome emails. Ah well, looks like I’m not alone, fellow ‘bulberinos’ !

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Careful using the Ombudsman. I did it and Bulb offered a resolution which I accepted, before my complaint was looked at,big mistake! Still in the same position with non working smart meters and fob off excuses.Just waiting to go back to the Ombudsman!

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Same here, having troubles since they installed the smart meter