Email not answered

The email I sent a week ago has not been answered so if anyone from Bulb reads this, please provide some answers.

  1. Reported last year. Electricity smart meter not sending readings, gas meter is sending readings. I have emailed and phoned and received various explanations ranging from ‘we will inform the metering team’ to ‘nothing we can do, you will have to send readings every month’.
    What is going on?

  2. I was mistakenly put on the duel tariff when I Switched to Bulb last year and have been asking for nearly five months to change to a single tariff. The only explanation I have received is that there is a waiting list to change tariffs. Why can’t you just change it?

While I have your attention-

IHD has not updated with new electricity prices. I have done everything suggested in similar topics. Nothing works.

Please, please can I have some answers to these problems.