Email replies not answered

I have sent emails to you never get replies what is the problem with bulb and I need to speak to a person

Hi @Balmoral

We are sorry that it has been hard to get in contact with us.

We have been busier than usual lately. I have found the chat you recently had and will send you a follow up email with more information regarding your query.


Is there anything being done to fix the issue with email reply delays?
I can understand some delay because of the pandemic, but the delays for me started before the Pandemic, and things have just constantly gotten worse not better. Other companies I’ve had to speak to seem to have gotten on top of things months ago, but bulb just seems to keep getting worse.

Hi @ryan4257,

Thanks for flagging this - we really appreciate this feedback and do take it on board.

We have been hiring lots of Energy Specialists during the pandemic, to ensure we can get responses to members as quick as possible. We have email-only teams and email task-forces in place in order to get responses out ASAP.

I see you’ve got an email thread open with my colleague, so I’ve just requested they give you an update on the situation today.

All the best,