Email telling me to increase

Why have I been messaged asking me to increase my monthly payments to £83 when I pay £50 per month my account says I use £35 per month and you recommend I reduce my payment to £24?

I’m almost £200 in credit and had a refund recently as I was over £300 in credit

I highly doubt you are only using 35/month. Especially now its winter so you’ll be using heating in addition to your normal consumption. PLUS the charges to even be supplied the energy. Id definitely get in contact with Bulb because I dont think you are being charged right…

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In the summer I use £35-40 now heatings on that goes to about £70 .

When I started with bulb I was put on £71 per month which I told bulb was way too much . I built up a massive credit balance so I withdrew some

The message says I’m averaging £83 . I won’t use that much in peak winter months so it’s not an average

Logging into my account still says £35 which is roughly what I’ve used for the past 6 months and it’s still asking me to reduce my payments to £25 as my credit balance is too large ??

Id just ignore it then. As long as you have credit and you are using a smart meter (OR GIVING ACCURATE MONTHLY ESTIMATES) then you cant go wrong.

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