Emails being ignored

I switched away from Bulb with the switch completing on 24th April.

I waited six weeks for a final bill and then had to request it as it wasn’t forthcoming. I had an email response saying my new supplier hadn’t given Bulb my gas meter reading. My new supplier had used my initial reading, so I assume it was cleared by the Data Collector/Data Aggregator.

I then received a final bill from Bulb but noted they had used an estimated final gas reading which overlapped the initial reading my new supplier had used. I already had a bill from my new supplier which clearly shows I have paid them for the gas that Bulb say I used with them!

I had a credit of over £100 (less than what it should be), with Bulb, on my final bill and received the credit into my bank account promptly.

I started emailing Bulb the very same day (05 Jun 19), stating their final bill was wrong and attached Bulb’s final bill and my new supplier’s first bill which clearly shows the gas charge ‘overlap’. I had no response to my several emails so then I sent a complaint email on 13 Jun 19; no response. I gave it a week and emailed the same complaint again on 20 Jun 19; no response.

Yesterday I emailed a complaint about my complaint being ignored, guess what; I know it’s early but - no response.

Is it Bulb’s, practice to ignore emails, especially complaints?

I’m loathe to ring Bulb as I prefer written ‘evidence’.