Emergency credit advice

Really quite confused, only just transferred over to bulb on prepayment meter, never had a previous debt. Got a bit lazy the other day which im now regretting! Popped emergency on, went to top up this morning £20 (should’ve been enough to get us out of emergency), popped card in machine at home and still not out of emergency credit says emergency credit used and left me with 14.00 gas?! Spoke to bulb they claim I have a debt on the account which was never there previously?! Any help much appreciated!

This should explain it:

When you top up bulb doesn’t claw back all the emergency credit, it only takes a percentage of the debt.

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Well thank you for your responses! Much appreciated! I eventually got answers after having to really break it down to them that now after swapping to bring down my outgoings…my outgoings are even more than they were before! As the chap I spoke to earlier explained it to me that if I wanted out of emergency credit this morning I should’ve topped up £35.00! Never cost me this much previously…really good way of putting people into debt…