Emergency Credit help

Please someone help.
Ive been with Bulb for a month now, switched as I was moving into a new home.
I top up £15 gas per week and each week that is not enough but I have never once had the emergency credit - it always says emergency credit used but ive never once used it!
What is going on?
Also anytime I top up it takes at least £4 for a debt?? i have no debt its a brand new property.
I have ran out of gas so in a house for rest of week with no heating or hot water.
And I think Bulb should be open weekends actually

Could you clarify - you say you top up £15 gas per week “but that is not enough” and yet you have “never once had the emergency credit”. What does that mean? What happens when you use up the £15 that is not enough? Do you let it run out and not use any gas for the rest of the week until the next top up?

I mean each time the gas runs out there is never any emergency credit on my meter it just runs out.
I phoned bulb about it and it has been resolved.


This happens to me what was there response

For other people finding this thread later, it would be useful if you had explained how the problem was resolved. I don’t know much about prepayment meters, but it’s my understanding that the emergency credit never gets activated automatically. Don’t you have to activate it once the credit has run out following the instructions here?

They claimed I had used the £10 and it was being paid back each time I topped up.

I havent used the emergency credit in a long time but keeps saying i taken for debt but no debt on my account

I have ran out of credit. I don’t get paid until the 23rd. Would there be any way I can get some help with this? I don’t have any phone credit so I’m unable to contact through phone

Have you followed the link to the instructions regarding activating emergency credit, that I posted above?

Well yeah, I wouldn’t be goingthrough this if I had emergency credit would I?

Lots of people don’t know about the emergency credit facility. If you don’t detail exactly what you’ve done so far, it’s difficult to offer any help without duplicating your effort. What happens when you try to activate the emergency credit?

Well not really. Someone phone me and give me some extra top up. Every other company offers it. If not I’ll just switch because the tariff is obviously not that good

I don’t think Bulb do that. That’s what emergency credit is for.

Interesting. I’d suggest switching supplier in that case, to one that offers extra emergency credit.

So I someone runs out of electric our happy to leave them without it for two weeks? Yeah every other electric company I’ve dealt with would have something to offer. Great customer service. Swapping to bulb is a bad decision

I should point out this is a customer forum, and you’ll likely only hear from other customers in reply to your posts. This is not Bulb customer service.

If energy suppliers were not happy to leave people without supply for two weeks when they run out of money, then I suspect prepayment meters wouldn’t exist at all. The whole point of prepayment meters is to prevent people running up a debt. If they were going to just keep allowing the topup debt to increase well past the standard emergency credit then they may as well just give everyone normal credit meters.

Have you tried live chat as I suggested in reply to your other post?

Where is the live chat?

Even this. Customers doing their jobs for them? It’s riduclous. I assumed this was the live chat

No, this is quite clearly an internet discussion forum, with topic categories, threads, and posts.

Live chat is a messenger system. The link is in the other thread you posted on, which I assume you didn’t actually read before replying to it otherwise you’d have seen this post telling you how to access the live chat service.

It says credit used never used though

From what I gather as I’m going through similar after switching and being told it would be cheaper, its todo with the standing charges, they accrue a debt through this, via emergency credit and when you then top up they only take a percentage to leave you with gas, I’ve just had it all with them as like I’ve stated to them surely this is a really good way of putting people into debt.