Emergency Gas Meter Replacement

We’ve had a gas emergency at our property. I phoned the Gas Emergency number and the engineer has just had to seal off our supply as there is a leak from the meter. However, because the meter is a semi-sub type, it cannot be replaced by the Northern Gas Network engineer. He said I should contact my energy supplier and tell them my meter is immediately dangerous and requires replacement as an emergency. However, there is no telephone support from Bulb at the weekend.
Can anyone please tell me how to get an emergency response from bulb at the weekend, or do I have to wait until Monday now?
I have emailed emergency@bulb.co.uk, but I don’t know if this is monitored at the weekend?
Thanks in advance.

I am not 100% sure but you wont get Bulb until Mon. In the eyes of the engineer the emergency will have been dealt with as he cut the gas off and in theory made your supply safe for the time being.

Looks like there is no monitoring from Bulb over the weekend, so I’ll have to take this up with them tomorrow.

Hi Dr J, we are just in the process of getting somebody to you over the next 3 hours. Unfortunately with your slightly unusual meter, weekend exchanges aren’t possible.


Great, Thanks.