Empty property

Hi, I want to switch a second property of mine to Bulb which is empty 90% of the time to take advance of your lower standing charge, but when I enter the property details it wants to charge £95 a month. Is there a way to lower the DD, for example my latest gas bill for 2 months is just £21

Hi @PeterAllen ,

Sorry your message got missed (this community forum can get busy) but Bulb actually has quite high standing charges so for a mostly empty property, it’s probably not for you (the higher standing charges counteract Bulb’s lower unit costs). The estimate is probably based on a ‘typical property of that type’ - if you supply an actual ‘usage figure’ based on the 90% emptiness, you’ll get a more accurate estimate. Worse case scenario is that you sign up, pay £90 per month, provide meter readings for the first two months and then get Bulb to refund to the money.

try utilita they have no standing charge but prices are higher, i have my gas with them and electric with bulb as i only use gas for hot water so use about £30 a year gas with them so no standing charge works out well for that

@PeterAllen we can change your monthly payment amounts after you’ve signed up to something better suited - just let us know once it’s done, and how much you’d like to pay.