Energy and gas

Hello, my name is Gabriela Panicharova and I live in xxxxx

I still have problem with our old energy company. Can you explain me why they want to pay energy and gas that I already pay to you?
Thank you!

Firstly I would edit your personal details as this is a public forum.
Previous companies will still take DD until the final bill is issued then credit any surplus back to you, it can take 6 weeks.

This is a public forum #Gabriela86 . You might want to edit your post to remove your address.

Thanks for the flag. I’ve edited this post @Gabriela86

At Bulb we take payment at the beginning of the month. It’s likely that your previous company took payment at the end. This makes it feel like your paying twice in one month. However, we both use the same readings so you’ll never be charged twice for the energy that you use.