Energy app for android phone

Hi - any idea when we are going to get a bulb energy app to be used on Samsung phones? I received an email a while ago saying there had been one created for iphones but haven’t heard anything yet about progress with android phones.

You can find the thread about it in the ‘About Bulb’ section of the forum, but for some reason it has disappeared from ‘Recent Discussions’.

This is the link to get the Android app -

@198kHz, it’s still pinned in the “About Bulb” section but as it’s still a beta, I doubt Bulb want to shout from the rooftops about it yet.

Users need to be aware that it may break things and is not necessarily ready for prime time yet.

I found that bulb are saying that the app is up and running on android but I cannot get it to install on my Samsung Galaxy J7

@Chrisgreaves9, I responded to your query in the other thread.