Energy Bill Help!

I received a bill in the mail for my energy and gas use from November 27 until December 27th. It claims that I owe £25.12 for electricity and £51.64 for gas. However, I am currently on a pay-as-you-go key meter, so have already prepaid for my electricity. I also live in a flat that does NOT use gas, so I’m very confused as to why I have a gas charge?

I was also referred by a friend when I first joined a few months ago, and have yet to receive the £50 credit.

Any information you could give me would be great! Thank you!

I think the appropriate course of action regarding your supply situation and bill is to contact the Bulb team direct they are best placed to look into your account and resolve your situation.

As far as the referral issue is concerned I think you initially joined Bulb without actually using a referral code but on 19 October 2019 Bulb direct mailed you for information so that they could retrospectively apply a code to your switch. What was the outcome of the direct mail from Bulb?