Energy bill wrong

Good Afternoon

Possibly ?

@Krasimir if you’re having issues with your energy bill and believe there to be an error.
In order to protect your data, it would be best to get in touch with us directly via 0300 303 0635 or
Best, Chad

@chad_at_bulb not sure if that’s the best option - I’ve emailed about issue I’m having on Monday and still haven’t heard anything (that was after i posted a message on the community on the 29th June - apart from DanP asking for message with further info [which I’ve provided] I’ve not heard anything else either…). I’ve started to worry that all Bulb employees got kidnapped… :confused:

@Ola_Maniana I have searched our email helpdesk and I can’t find anything from the email you have associated with your Community account. Did you email from a different email?

Hi @“Owen at Bulb” , yes, i used the same email (although, it might be displayed with rather than I just checked and I received a reply from Sidd acout an hour ago.

@Ola_Maniana You will need to use the googlemail address to log in, that should work.