Energy bill

Had my bill through this morning and it’s very high I’ve rang and spoke to an advisor this morning and they want my readings sending I submitted my readings before Xmas and got a message saying my electric was low could I send a picture all off a sudden that picture isn’t on my account and for December I’ve now used £400 worth of electric so I’ve been through every month since last Feb and I use 300 units a month but you are now saying that in December I’ve used 3,300 if I’d have know I wouldn’t have put my fairy lights on the tree. I’m fuming

3300 units is a lot, I’ll give you that!

When did you last submit a meter reading before this one?

19th of dec and then again the 17th of jan was 9800 and then 13100 that’s roughly

Ouch, if your meter readings were 9800 and 13100, then that is indeed 3,300 units of power - which I would assume is kwh - which (at East Midlands rates) would be £437.65. If that’s what your meter read, then Bulb is correct in billing for that amount.

You’ve got two choices here as I see it:

  1. Accept it, pay the bill and try and find out what consumed so much energy in a short period of time.... Electric Oil Heaters can be a big problem - ours, in our garage, got turned on accidentally for about 2-3 days and it cost us about £30-£40 extra in electricity costs! Bulb /might/ be willing to work out a payment plan for you if necessary.
  2. If you are really really certain that nothing consumed that much power, then your meter may be faulty. Bulb can arrange for your meter to be replaced with a new one and the old one to be sent for examination. If it is deemed to be 'outside tolerances', then Bulb will then recalculate your bill with estimated values - but if it is 'within tolerances' (i.e. not faulty), you will have to pay for the costs associated with the test (such as remove/replacing the meter). I would advise you reading OFGEM's (the energy regulator) 's guidance on faults at first. I believe Bulb's cost would be around £120, but you'd have to check with them.
f you are really really certain that nothing consumed that much power
You can check your meter by turning everything off say for half an hour and see if there is any change in the meter reading. Turn everything off check the reading then boil a couple of kettles of water and see what the difference is. Do a few daily checks ie check reading in the morning and then at night and then in the morning again ...any significant change? outwith expectations?

I would certainly try and establish if there is a fault before taking it further.

A CT clip based measurement would help to prove your energy usage one way or another too.