Energy Consumption

Hi, quick question, if you signed up towards the end of the 2017, it is obviously in the winter seasons and energy consumption goes up. If the account starts to go into a debt, would you increase our DD as soon as that happens or would you allow a full year of usage to go through all 4 seasons and allow a better understanding of our usage and what our payments should be, before making changes?



Hi there @darryl5653, we actually anticipate that our members will go a bit into debit over the winter and then wipe it away during the summer, that’s not a problem and we won’t ask you to increase your DD because of it. After 6 months we’ll run a quick check to see how your payments line up against your bills and usage, and we might ask you to increase your payments a bit at that point, but not before. You are of course more than welcome to change your own payments up or down via Mybulb ( ) at anytime, if you like.