Energy costs 2018 V 2019 January

After reading few posts about high energy bills with many thinking it was due to switching to Bulb.
Below are my figures for January usage. I am of the opinion that many that complain are not aware just how much energy has risen across all suppliers, and to compare what it cost with their old supplier to Bulb this year is not a level playing field.

All my figures are with Bulb.

Gas cost Jan 2019 £101 (2579 kWh) Last year Jan 2018 £73 (2720 kWh) +£28 -141 kWh
Elec cost Jan 2019 £43 (269 kWh) Last year Jan 2018 £34 (228 kWh) + £9 +41 kWh

So overall a £37 increase in cost for January this year with 100 kWh less used.

@scudo, as always your figures are insightful and helpful.

Even though I’m well aware of how much costs have risen, I’m still surprised to see it written down as clearly as that.

I have an experiment coming up soon.

I am logging this weeks and next weeks usage, then my wife goes for a sunny break abroad for one week.
During that week I am turning off all the radiators except for the room I sit in most of the day, it will be interesting to see what if any difference that makes as the gas boiler will still have to fire up, I do expect to see a decrease but I am going from 15 radiators to 1 radiator, so lets see what difference it actually makes.

15 radiators

I’ve only got 5 radiators…
6 if you count the new one I just mounted on the wall today, 8 if you count the ones that used to be there but are not currently :grin:

I imagine you’ll see a noticeable decrease in gas use as the boiler’s going to fire up far less, even if the pump is running for the same length of time.