Energy effecient portable heaters...?

Can anyone advise or recommend an energy effecient portable heater to use in terms of running costs. So which heaters cost the least to run…

Hi @Banazzle99 ,

The Centre for Sustainable Energy has this article at which might help.

Basically, Haolgen Heaters are the cheapest per hour (but only give 1.2kW of heat), then Oil filled radiators (but only 1.5kW), then Radiant bar fires, Convector heaters and fan heaters all of which cost the same and give the same amount of heat. Of course, this will vary by exact make/model, but it’s a guide.

Any electric heater is practically 100 percent efficient. You only get out what you put in. Is your room needs 2kw of heat to make it feel comfortable then you need a 2kw heater. You can’t get more heat for less money. The different types do work differently though- a halogen heater works using radiant heat, so if you walk in front of it you will feel the warmth more than you would if you walk in front of a convector heater. But overall the room won’t get any warmer.