Energy efficiency questions

Is it more efficient and economical to keep the house at a constant temperature rather than alter the thermostat up and down as the temperature changes ? Is it cheaper to turn off a radiator altogether?

interested to hear the responses, it is something I have always wondered.

I would like a solid answer to this as well.

I don’t know the answer to your queries but surely it depends on a number of factors to give a reasoned answer.

Some which quickly come to mind and perhaps are a bit simplistic on my part…

  1. How many hours is the house occupied. It seems pointless keeping the house at an even temperature for 24 hours per day when you are for example not at home for say 12 hours each day.

  2. If you don’t use a room which is closed off from the rest of the house, why bother to heat it so switching off the radiator seems reasonable.

  3. If you have a thermostat why would you need to alter it as the ambient temperature changes?. Lets say you find 19 degrees is a comfortable temperature and you set this on your thermostat, then it will switch the boiler on and off to try and retain the ambient temperature of 19 degrees.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but no one has actually answered.

It has been proven that it is more efficient to heat only when needed. This was on the British gas website under their energy efficiency tips. It makes sense if you think about the physics. A hotter entity looses heat to cooler surroundings more rapidly than a cool one. So if your house is 20 degrees warmer than outside, it will be loosing heat at quite a rate. If you go out, and switch off the heating for eight hours, the rate of loss will gradually fall as the internal and external temperatures approach each other. If on the other hand, you maintained the temperature all day heat loss would continue at a high rate for the entire day when the place was unoccupied. the best and easiest way to save money is using your existing timer and thermostats efficiently to heat only when needed. And as someone else’s suggested turn off or down heat in unused rooms.

To answer the question exactly as raised, you shouldn’t need to alter the thermostat according to the weather outside. However, sometimes if it is very cold, you might feel the need to raise the temperature slightly, as you are getting cold air circulating off the cold surfaces. You should however, alter the boiler temperature as it gets colder if you find the system can’t get the place warm (Rarely the case).
Yes, it’s cheaper not to use a radiator!