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Hi @richard.evans.home60 and thank you for your concern.

Your account isn’t being moved away from Bulb unless you’ve requested it to be. As you know it’s an extraordinary time in the energy industry right now. In these types of situations we expect to hear rumours about us and other suppliers. But you don’t need to worry about your energy supply and our operations are running as usual. We’ve written more on our blog: Energy in the news | Blog | Bulb

I have merged this thread with another similar so we can keep all of your questions in one place :slightly_smiling_face:

– Robyn :bulb:

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Thank you :slight_smile: all the best during these challenging times :slight_smile:

Hi @Daisy_at_Bulb,

A thread was active a few days ago about the concerns we had about our energy costs spiking and the accusations that Bulb are taking interest free loans from customers through large payment increases.

Instead of replying to our concerns, why did you feel it was necessary to move (and bury) our questions and thread out of “General” and into an existing thread titled “How bulb calculates your payments” with over 3000 replies?!

[REDACTED]. Complaint to the Ombudsman going tomorrow. Had enough now.

I’ve tagged you directly, answer the question or tell us you can’t.


Hi Kieran,

We often merge or separate threads based on their relevance to a topic to make community easier to navigate. You might not find a thread you’re looking for if there’s loads of threads about the same thing. And if you raise the same point, the answer will be in the thread we add it to.

You can take a look at the code of conduct which talks more about this: Code of Conduct

I’ve redacted the sentence in which you use an offensive word, please do talk to both moderators and fellow members in a friendly way.

And to answer your original point, every year when we move into winter, we contact our members to give them an update on their account and make sure it’s healthy, as people tend to use more energy during the colder months.

For some members, a top-up payment will help their account stay healthy and get them to the right amount of credit. There’s more info about this here:

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More lies from bulb.


Bulb is clearly going down the toilet. Watch out for some posters on this forum-they will flag your posts to make them invisible. Plenty of ‘cancel culture’ supporters on here.

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More headlines this morning:

Martin Lewis brands energy company Bulb ‘outrageous’ for direct debit demands during energy crisis - WalesOnline

Ovo to table bid for Bulb amid scramble over struggling energy suppliers - Sky News

I’m praying that Ovo do take over as the current management of this crisis by bulb has been shocking, copy and paste responses and lies. I cant see how any customer can still be backing them.

Trying looking at independent reviews for other utility companies and all of them have similar complaints posted on here

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agree this is across the board. no matter who.

Sounds interesting are they a bit dodgy in some way? I’ve never heard anything bad about them?

I’ve never heard anything bad about them?
More to do with the way they finance the company.
I joined them(way back near the beginning of the year before this current crisis)
I was with them less than two weeks when they emailed me to say my DD was going up by £x amount even though I was in credit by £xxx.I’m a big boy now been looking after my finances nigh on 50yrs, quite capable of topping up if need be, the upshot being I waved them bye bye and the final bill was £20 less than my origanal DD,and that was for almost a full month.
At the worst that wee rant will make another boring day even worse