Energy monitors

I’m going to switch to Bulb soon. I’m a little wary right now because I’ve just put my FIT application form in with SSE and I’m currently supplied by them, so I’m worried that switching will mean my application is slowed down.

Anyway, that’s not my question!

I noticed that you’re trialing energy monitors for all customers. I was wondering if you’d considered talking to the guys over at Open Energy Monitor ( I think that the ethoses (how do you pluralise ethos - ethi?!) of Bulb and OEM are similar. I’ve just ordered my OEM to monitor my consumption and solar PV generation.

Anyway, thought I’d mention it incase you hadn’t heard of them / considered them yet. Maybe they could build and supply some custom made system for Bulb or something.

Hope to be a Bulb customer soon!

Nice recommendation @mattjgalloway. Thanks.

They look pretty cool, with the added flexibility for us to do something special if we wanted to. We definitely want to do our own software for it. We were planning making it API driven, but taking open source could definitely be an option too.

Looking forward to having you with us. We don’t have a FiTs at the moment, so that’ll have to stay with SSE anyway. We won’t apply to take it or anything so it shouldn’t affect your application with them

P.S. For the record, I’m pretty sure it’s ethopodes.

A great thing about OEM is that you could run your own instance of emonCMS and provide the data for customers usage directly inside MyBulb. Would be pretty neat!

Downside is there’s no off-the-shelf gas monitoring, yet.

Inside MyBulb is the plan, so that’s great! Gas is important though, so we’d have to work around it.

And I switched to Bulb yesterday. I rang my current supplier where my FIT application is being done and they said that moving my supply wouldn’t affect the application. Also they said the application was almost done anyway, woo!

So Bulb it is!

Can’t wait until you do FIT as well!

Nice one @mattjgalloway! FITs somewhere on the to do list! We’ll make sure we let you know when it’s something we do :slight_smile:

@will - awesome :-). Can’t wait for FIT from you guys!

Quick question - is there any chance of getting on the energy monitor trial you’re doing? I’m pretty set up for electricity monitoring, but I could certain add on your one so I can give a good review of how it works compared to my setup. I’m particularly interested in gas monitoring though, as I don’t do that currently.

@mattjgalloway the answer to that is a maybe, but probably not I’m afraid. There’re a few other members already on the list for them and we’re only going to have a handful more. If we have spares for you then absolutely, but I don’t want to give you unreasonable expectations.

@will no worries! Happy to be on the waiting list, and no problem about being unlikely to get one!

Cool stuff @mattjgalloway :slight_smile: