Energy News Round Up 05/07/21

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Here’s the week’s headlines from around the energy industry:

June 29th: The government launched a consultation on better targeted support for the Warm Home Discount (WHD) for the period 2022-26. The consultation includes proposals to reform the scheme, to improve the targeting of it and help more low-income and vulnerable households as a result. Read more on targeted support for the WHD here

June 30th: New research from the Coalition for Negative Emissions has found that we’re falling far short of what’s needed to address the climate crisis and stop the 1.5°C warming. Based on the current pipeline of projects and shortfalls in investments, we’re set to miss the target by 80%. Read more on what we need to improve to hit these targets here

July 1st: A new environmental watchdog has been launched in interim form. The next steps will be deciding to what extent the Office for Environmental Protection, which is yet to be accorded the status of a statutory body, will be able to hold the government to account for implementation of its environmental policies in England.

July 2nd: Warmworks Scotland delivered an innovative battery storage project, which looked to reduce energy costs in 133 homes in Dumfries and Galloway. The £1.25mn project provided a unique opportunity to help tenants reduce their energy bills and make homes more resilient in the event of an outage in supply. Follow-up analysis work has shown that some households have seen their energy bills drop by more than half, just by having the battery installed and getting themselves onto the right energy tariff with the right supplier. :bulb:

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