Energy news round-up 11/06/21

Hello community,

Here are the latest headlines from around the energy industry.

8th June:

Bloomberg took a look at the levels of employment needed to keep pace with the developments in renewable power - for example, solar generation capacity is expected to triple by the end of the 2020s. Renewable jobs require specialist skills and will be essential for economic recovery following the pandemic. Read more about in demand jobs in renewable energy at Bloomberg here.:

7th June:

Power Technology looked at the impact of Covid-19 on the energy plans of low-income countries. Rainer Quitzow, a research director at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, explains that ‘Higher-income countries need to rethink their role in financing the transition in low-income countries. 'If we don’t make a major commitment to increase the volume of funding to these lower-income countries, it’s going to create a negative long-term economic consequence.’ Read the full discussion in Power Technology here.

8th June:

reNEWS reported on the 200 megawatt UK solar pipelines unveiled by European Energy and UK-based renewables outfit Firma. They will be working with farmers to build solar farms and grid-connected battery storage systems across the country. Read more about the solar pipeline plan at reNEWS here.

8th June:

This Money reported that almost 1.7 million homes in the UK cannot be improved to a level ‘C’ EPC rating (the rating of a building’s energy efficiency). The rating takes into account things like cladding, double glazing, as well as solar panels. Currently 59% of properties have a ‘D’ rating or worse in the UK which means higher bills and a devaluing of property. Read about which parts of the UK are most at risk here.

10th June:

Are there public buildings in your community, like schools or sports clubs, that could have solar PV panels on the roof? Or do you have a natural resource nearby, like a river or a windy hilltop, that could be used to generate electricity with a hydro project or wind turbine? The Energy Saving Trust published an article on how community lead renewable energy projects are part of the biggest driving force towards Net 0 for the UK.