Energy news round-up 13/08/2021

Hi everyone,

Here are some of the latest headlines from around the energy industry.

August 9th:

A new study commissioned by Zemo partnership, with a Well-To-Tank model by Element Energy identified a range of pathways for production, distribution and dispensing of low carbon hydrogen to transport end-users.

The work identifies that hydrogen could be a key option to achieve future climate goals, but highlights the need for policy to include full consideration of the energy consumed by low carbon full supply chains.

August 10th:

In an attempt to boost the efficiency of balancing actions and improve value for its customers, National Grid ESO is aiming to adopt a new, fully dynamic day-ahead approach to scheduling reserves. This is back-up power which is kept ready in case needed.

Currently ESO sets reserve levels that vary in accordance to electricity demand seen at different times of the day and the week. They are now looking to optimise these estimations, by considering the effects of weather conditions in the system and instead buying reserves in day-ahead timescales.

The initial proof-of-concept is expected in November 2021 with the project set to last around 12 months.

August 11th:

Are ‘green’ robots the answer to reaching our sustainability goals?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a disruptive technology that can complete tasks you’ve taught it - for example controlling a computer, mouse and keyboard to read, extract and process data as needed. In essence they can complete repetitive data intensive tasks quickly.

Software robots are now being used to create new, innovative green solutions. With the ability to process data quickly, they are allowing for greater efficiency within foreasting, demand and supply management, and energy trading, allowing for more green solutions to form.

August 12th:

The IPCC published its first report on climate change which is the first installment of the sixth assessment report, to be completed in 2022 - highlights the events of the past few weeks with warnings of the planet passing the warming threshold of 15 degrees celsius in the next 2 decades.