Energy news round-up 16/07/21

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Here are some of the latest headlines from around the energy industry.

8th July:

Sainsburys has become the first UK retailer to introduce fully electric refrigerated trailers to its delivery feet. They’ll add five new trailers that have electric fridges, eliminating carbon emissions from this part of the lorry. The technology can also add charge back into the battery by converting kinetic energy into electricity. Read more about these trailers on the Sainsburys blog.

12th July:

NatWest have announced the launch of a free carbon tracker on their app. The app will allow users to log any behavioural changes, whilst also providing emission reduction tips and information on the CO2 emissions linked to their spending. According to NatWest, the carbon tracking pilot study suggests that 11kg of CO2 could be saved by the average user each month through changes in behaviour. Read more about this on Money Saving Expert here.

12th July:

Primary energy consumption fell by 4.5% in 2020, which is the largest decline since the second world war, whilst renewable energy continued to grow. Solar and wind power have recorded their largest ever annual increase. The fall in energy consumption has largely driven by a drop in old demand. You can read more about that in Forbes here.

13th July:

Vauxhall has announced that they will exclusively sell fully electric cars and vans in the UK by 2028, in a bid to head towards a net zero. Read more about that here.

14th July:

A new independent report by the Green Jobs Taskforce has found that every UK job has the potential to be green. Outlining a series of green programmes providing adults with the skills needed to pursue a green career, the government welcomed 15 new recommendations from the Taskforce. Read more about the recommendations on the government website.

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