Energy News Round Up 16/08/21

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Here are some of the latest headlines from the energy industry this week :boom:

August 16th

Environmental charity Friends of the Earth has called on the government to do more to enable councils to play their part in achieving net zero.

The charity cited a BBC survey which found that almost nine out of 10 councils have declared a climate emergency but more than one-third support policies that increase emissions.

The charity has recommended the government introduce a legal requirement making clear that local authorities "have to take UK climate targets into account when considering planning applications”, giving them extra powers to refuse developments which would increase carbon emissions and insist that all new houses are zero carbon. :handshake:

Read more from Friends of the Earth’s statement.

August 17th

The Welsh government announced that from 1 October 2021 fossil fuels will not be used to heat newly built social homes as part of its ‘Development quality requirements for housing associations and local authorities: 2021’.

The Welsh government aims to have private developers adopt the standards by 2025 so that homes can reach high energy efficiency standards for reduced carbon use during building and when inhabited. This move underpins its commitment to its target of 20,000 high quality, low carbon homes for rent built over the next five years. :house_with_garden:

August 18th

The World Nuclear Association has written an open letter to COP26 President, Alok Sharma, calling for nuclear energy to have fair representation at the upcoming UN Climate Summit.

The letter expresses “deep concerns” that every application on nuclear energy for the Green Zone at COP26 has been rejected and urges the organisers to treat nuclear energy with equal representation alongside other low carbon energy sources.

It notes that the IPCC’s “middle-of-the-road” scenario for achieving net zero sees the demand for nuclear energy increase six times by 2050. :earth_africa:

Read more from WNAs open letter here.

August 19th

11 UK-headquartered FinTech companies that specialise in sustainability have been chosen to join a virtual trade delegation to New York Climate Week starting on 20 September.

The British Embassy Washington stated that the financial industry is expected to play a key role in achieving net zero globally, and that the trade mission comes at a crucial time.

The 11 companies have developed new services and products to help companies, consumers, investors, and regulators overcome environmental, social and corporate governance challenges. As advocators of tech-zero, this is exciting news! :us: :uk:

Read the British Embassy Washington statement.

August 20th

Chris Jackson, a former chair of a leading hydrogen industry association, has stated that oil companies have used false claims over the cost of producing fossil fuel hydrogen to promote unsustainable fossil gas projects and win over the Treasury and access subsidies.

The government’s strategy for the sector, announced this week, was criticised by environmental groups for taking a twin-track approach, giving equal weight to blue hydrogen (made from fossil fuels) and “green hydrogen”, which has no negative climate impact

Both kinds of hydrogen are more expensive to produce than conventional fuels, so the government is proposing subsidies similar to a scheme already used to drive down costs of offshore wind power. It’ll be interesting to see the future this holds :zap:

Read more coverage from the Guardian here.

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