Energy news round-up 18/06/21

Hello community,

Here are some of the latest headlines from around the energy industry.

14th June

An Expert Advisory Group has produced a report for the Scottish government flagging some issues with a potential Heat Pump Sector Deal. The report found that sufficient investment would need to be made in the networks to support a significant ‘ramp up’ in heat pump installations in Scotland. You can read the report at the government website here.

15th June

The National Grid Electricity System Operator (ESO) have produced a ‘Road to Zero Carbon’ report ahead of COP26. Fintan Slye, National Grid ESO Executive Director, said: “We’re confident that by 2025 we will have periods of 100% zero carbon electricity, with no fossil fuels used to generate power in Great Britain … The growth in renewable sources of power, with record levels of wind and solar, means there will be enough zero carbon generation to meet demand. A key challenge is ensuring the electricity system is ready to accommodate that power.” You can read the full report at Natioanl Grid ESO here.

16th June

Research by Compare the Market found that Brighton is the best place in the UK for consumers to make savings through solar panels. The research weighed up factors such as sunshine hours, average electricity consumption, and electricity prices in the UK’s 30 largest towns and cities - and found that Brighton, Plymouth and Bournemouth offer the most potential savings. Read more about their research at Energy Live news here.

16th June

The Energy Networks Association (ENA) has launched the ‘Energy Data Request Tool’ to make energy networks’ data more accessible. Requests can be submitted by anyone to any of the networks using a form - the information available includes the amount of electric vehicle charge points in a certain area, for example. ENA hopes the new tool will help companies make informed investment decisions “as we begin to use data even more proactively to unlock net zero in the UK.” There’s more information about the Energy Data Request Tool at Current News here.