Energy news round-up 23/07/21

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Here are some of the important headlines from around the energy industry from the last week.

17 July:

National Grid’s Head of Future Markets, Graeme Cooper has said that, in order to facilitate the UK’s move to a greener grid, more infrastructure needs to be put in place. For example, more EV charging points need to be made available, as electric vehicles become more prominent.

20 July:

The Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy unveiled two brand new plans - an Energy Digitalisation Strategy and a Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan.

Both of these plans are strategies to increase how energy can be used in a smarter and more flexible way in a more efficient system, to cut carbon emissions and work towards Net Zero, in time for the 2050 target.

22 July:

The Guardian have reported that the UK could face the risk of blackouts over the Winter. This is due to the continued rise in demand for energy, post COVID-19 lockdown, and old coal and nuclear plants closing.

22 July:

The Times have explored the environmental impact of Electric Vehicles, given the government’s ban on selling diesel and petrol vehicles by 2030.

22 July:

Bloomberg have reported on how the old transmission lines used in retired coal plants are being reused for green energy projects. Alongside the infrastructure, this also potentially allows access to a workforce who previously worked in these sectors, instead of needing to train new workers.

23 July:

Despite $503 billion being spent on de-carbonising the global energy industry in 2020 alone, Forbes is reporting that carbon emissions are still rising. This is due to increasing demand for fossil fuels in the developing world.

What’s Bulbs (as a company) view on Nuclear?
While not renewable it is green in it’s output and seems to likely be a necessary stop gap before Governments pull their fingers out and dump money into fusion projects and other renewables.

Rolls Royce (Manufacturing/Jet Engines, not the cars which was sold off) are developing Small Modular Reactors which looks like very interesting and viable tech. Might be something Bulb can get in early on with a partnership.

Hi @ajhayter

We’re actually not in support of nuclear energy at Bulb, and have opposed government projects aimed at increasing the nuclear power generation in the past.

There’s two main reasons for this: on average nuclear is more expensive than renewables, and we believe we must champion all low carbon energy solutions rather than just one.

You can read more into both these points in our blog post here :radioactive: