Energy news round-up 27/08/21

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Here are some of the latest headlines from around the energy industry last week.

August 23rd:

BEIS opened bidding for the first wave of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. A total of £2.8bn is to be spent over a 10-year period as part of a wider £9bn to improve energy efficiency of hospitals, homes, and schools.

They have stated local authorities and housing associations will have the chance to secure a share of a £160mn cash injection. Tenants whose homes have work funded through the scheme should also save around £170 a year on energy bills.

Find out more here.

August 24th:

Bernberg Bank’s Green Energy Junior Debt fund III has confirmed their partnership with Elgin Energy, the international solar and storage developer. Berenberg will finance an estimated 50 separate solar projects across Ireland and the UK once the late-stage project development phase is reached.

To date, Elgin has delivered a 98% success rate through planning across all its markets and has the ambition to deliver in excess of 5GW by 2025.

We’re excited to see the prospects of solar growing and you can read more about solar generation here.

August 25th:

Pilkington UK launches a trial using Hydrogen to make float gas, following the Government’s Hydrogen Strategy was released.

The development of float glass through the Pilkington process- roughly described as rolling molten glass over a tin bath, has enabled continually growing limits in glass sheet dimensions. They first began making glass back in 1826!

The Pilkington UK trial is one of several projects underway in the north west of England to test how hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in manufacturing.This is in hope of natural gas fossil fuels to be replaced with hydrogen in the future.

August 26th:

Centrica announced that Wye Valley NHS Trust is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint with an energy upgrade at the Hereford County Hospital site which is due to complete later this year.

The £4.7million funding is part of a BEIS grant delivered by Salix Finance and Centrica Business Solutions who will deliver the upgrade to the hospital and six other site buildings.

Work has already begun with the installation of 3,170 low energy lights in the main hospital, which will be followed by 300 rooftop solar panels.

August 27th:

BEIS have confirmed June was the highest month for ECO installations since November 2014 with 54,100 measures installed under the ECO3 scheme, representing a 34% increase in May 2021. This was the highest number of installations under the scheme since November 2014.

In the recently published article, BEIS said the delivery in quarter 2 2021 was 13% higher than in quarter 1 2021, “continuing the trend of high quarterly delivery following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions”.

Check whether you’re eligible for ECO home improvements here.

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