Energy news round-up 4/6/21

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Here are the latest headlines from around the energy industry. :newspaper_roll:

1st June:

The deadline for suppliers to install smart meters in all customers’ homes has been extended from July 31st 2021 to December 31st 2021. This is mainly due to COVID-19 delays. You can see Ofgem’s letter to suppliers here.

2nd June:

Despite pledges to “build back better” from Covid-19 to create a greener future, analysis has shown that G7 nations have committed $189bn to support oil, coal and gas, more than the $147bn committed to clean forms of energy since the pandemic. Read more about Tearfund’s findings in the Guardian here.

3rd June:

A report by Care International shows that the latest climate finance plans by rich countries are not detailed enough and do not meet the $100bn target. In 2009 wealthier countries agreed on a goal to provide public and private money to help developing nations build on their clean energy options. Care International have suggested that a lack of trust could limit the success of Cop26 later this year - there’s more about Care International’s report in The Independent here.

4th June

First Bus is aiming to install 160 charging points at its Caledonia depot in Glasgow so they can replace half its fleet with electric buses by Autumn 2023. The electricity demand for the entire fleet is equivalent to powering a town of 10,000 people, and so the power grid will need to be adjusted for the extra demand. Read more about First Bus’ plans at the BBC here.

2nd June

And more news from Scotland - the Scottish Government has launched its ‘Let’s do Net Zero’ climate campaign. The campaign will run across TV, radio and digital to get people across Scotland thinking about the climate emergency, particularly ahead of COP26 in Glasgow later this year. There’s more information about the Scottish ‘Let’s do Net Zero’ campaign at the Scottish Government website here.