Energy origins?

Hey Bulb,

Just wondering about where you buy all your renewable power from? I was pretty interested in the list you have on site of all the renewable sites you buy power from, but as you’ve got 100,000 customers now, are nine generators enough to provide all that power? Where does the rest come from?

Thanks =)

Hi @rhian7663

You’re absolutely right and we’re always looking to find more independent generators to partner with to purchase all of their electricity output. To cover any shortfall from these generators, we purchase renewable electricity in the wholesale market with our fuel mix for Apr 2016 to Mar 2017 shown here:

We’re predominantly powered by hydro-electricity (85%) and anaerobic digested gas combustion (15%), but always looking to diversify our fuel mix to different fuels.

Fun blog article last week about anaerobic digestion:

The blog does have some great information about our energy, so I’d advise having a browse around there too!

All the best, Rob