Energy overnight usage


It appears that the smart meter is showing we are using gas & electric overnight (between midnight & 6am) of around £1 (sometimes more) in total.

It appears that the heating controls are turned off & we have all our appliances off.

What could be the causes of using power overnight?

Many thanks

Fridge /freezers and anything on stand by.
Gas central heating may have a small tank in the boiler that pre heats water that can switch on and off throughout.

In addition to what @scudo has said, don’t forget the daily standing charge is applied at midnight. For Bulb this would be approx 25p per fuel, so 50p in total. An additional 50p in standby usage and fridge/freezer etc. is reasonable to be expected.

However, remember that unless Bulb are able to read your smart meter and until they have actually configured it, the account tariff information shown by your In Home Display will be wrong - most likely still the same as the last tariff details of your previous supplier.

Thanks for your thoughts on this