Energy price cap to save households £75, Ofgem says

An energy bill price cap of £1,136 a year for “typical usage” has been proposed by the regulator, Ofgem.
It says the move will mean 11 million households on default deals will save about £75 on average, although the amount households could save will depend on their usage and supplier.
The planned cap will be confirmed in November, take effect at the end of December and stay in place until 2023.
Ofgem said it was a “tough” cap which would give a fairer deal to consumers.

Hey @Timm - thanks for bringing this up - we wanted to talk to our members about this. A lot of people all over the UK have been overpaying for their energy, mainly when they’ve never switched, or get taken off a tariff they signed up to a long time ago - we don’t think it’s right or fair to do that which is why we only have 1 tariff for every single one of our members.

We think the price cap is a good thing here at Bulb - and we hope it opens a lot of peoples minds to realise that complacency in the energy market can be quite detrimental - we hope to see a lot of the worst practices of the industry be tempered by regulations such as this price cap - it’s made a lot of difference for people with prepayment meters already and we hope it has the same beneficial effect for credit meters too.