Energy prices at all time low. Will bulb be passing discounts to customers?

Energy pricing is at all time low. Will bulb be passing discounts to customers?


Hi @michelle.whitehead2 Thanks for posting & welcome to the Bulb Community :bulb:

We changed our tariff at the beginning of April and you should have received an email about this on 2nd March. The changes will represent a saving to the majority of our members due to the big reduction in our gas prices. The best explanation of this tariff change is here

Further to your comment about reducing prices - even with this reduction you are now more expensive than most other suppliers. Will you be reviewing again soon? I don’t particularly want to move, but will do if price remains high on Bulb in comparison to others.


Hi @em.dave,

There will be an update on this very very soon and so I would keep an eye out on our blog page:

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Here we go again with bulbs legendary “very soon” statement. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


With all due respect Noah it was continual “soon” promises that led ne to leave you for my gas. I’ve been hanging on to see how the electricity goes.
Your ethos I admire but credibility is so important…
I’ll hang on for 2 weeks more in hope…

Stay safe & well.

Your slipping, it’s now been updated to very very soon


Hope your not holding your breath


Bulb can’t be the cheapest, or anywhere near the cheapest.
They offer the same rates to all customers, so they can’t use the people who are not worried about charges to offset the ultra low margins that price savey customers chase.
I’m not with Bulb because the £250 savings were too hard to ignore, but I admire that they treat all customers the same.

got that right, with…

Well very very soon does not even equate to 6 days, as that is the time elapsed since this message.

Bulb please be open, honest & accurate!

Today I used a well known energy comparison website to see what savings I might make if I moved to another energy supplier. The results showed I would save up to £82 per annum if I changed supplier. In all there are 14 energy suppliers who are cheaper than Bulb, based on my relatively below average dual fuel usage; and all of these described themselves as green. So I ask myself why should I continue to pay over the odds for the privilege of being a Bulb customer?
It’s nigh on impossible to “sell” the Bulb company to relatives and friends whilst Bulb remain relatively uncompetitive. I therefore would be very happy to forego my £50 discount for introducing new customers if it meant a commensurate reduction in my tariff costs. Where do I sign up for this arrangement…!!

Sorry Skippy but I know the ropes for changing energy suppliers having done it many times before. My comment was intended to be tongue in cheek to Bulb and referring to me foregoing any future £50 new customer discounts in return for lower tariffs, an arrangement which I suspect many of us would prefer.

Hi @JoMar Our wholesales update was initially scheduled for a late last week, but needed a few final tweaks and will be published today.

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Many thanks, I’ve read the update and it confirms my thinking of my future actions.

Thanks for the response though.

So no reductions then?

Real shame as i like the Bulb principle but I cannot stay when almost 20% more expensive.
Bulb don’t need to be the cheapest but do need to be closer. Their last reduction in April was underwhelming and failure to react now to the lower wholesale prices is gain disappointing.
Wish them all the best but I fear Bulb is no longer a front runner.


Take it you will be voting with your keyboard?

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Hi Everyone :earth_asia:,

I would highly recommend having a read of our new Price Watch Blog article as it goes into detail why our prices are as they are at the moment.

If you still have questions regarding this, I recommend taking advantage our Q&A with Co-Founder Amit on Wholesale Costs this week. He is the best person to answer any questions on this topic. :bulb:

Who did u go with instead as I am looking to move