Energy Rates Are Going Up

yep third increase absolute disgrace .

Just had our email £2.44 per week… hmmm no!! bye bye bulb…

Yes third increase and it is ridiculous to have had this many in less than 8 months (10 if you put it to Oct when next one will be effective), you are not even holding a price for 6 months to judge the situation across the board fairly, just jumping on a band wagon of when 1 month you might pay more buying it wholesale but less the next and for those of us that only have electricity from the email i received it seems the increase is across the board to cover the rise in gas prices??? if you are on an electricity only tariff why should we suffer an increase for a source we do not use??? You say you only use renewable energy so why is the cost more, how are you serving your customers in the best way? If the future is electric and we are only in the early parts of phasing out fossil fuels and bringing in ALL electric I think we are all going to being paying HUGE bills.

Lots of UK energy come from gas power plants:

Renewable prices move with the rest of the wholesale electricity prices, like electricity made from gas.

It is sad those with renewable heating systems like me on electric are penalized.

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In all seriousness I’d check historic meter reads on your account and latest statements and make sure the last reads were not estimates. Submit reads 1-2 days before your billing date.


@martyfartpants - I’ve had a look at your account and the readings we’ve had have been quite a bit higher than the estimates in between readings. I’ve copied in a screenshot here to show what I mean-

Its similar on the gas side so due to this our system thinks you’re using quite a lot in short periods, when in reality its more stretched out over the months. It can skew the system a bit! You’ll see that in the latest bill being quite a bit higher than the previous ones.

At the moment the amount you’re paying each month is enough and I’ve made a note to keep the payment as is. As we get more meter readings we’ll get more information about the pattern of your use and the suggested amount will adjust. I recommend keeping submitting them regularly and it should adjust more in line with your actual use :slight_smile:

@mjlgirly - we haven’t changed our prices 8 times, I think you’re meaning your direct debit amount. The tariff costs haven’t changed 8 times though, your DD is based on your use/estimated annual consumption/account balance so these two are separate adjustments.

I’ve had a look at your account and we’re receiving regular smart meter readings since July so will be billing you accurately to your use. Prior to that we would have used the meter readings manually submitted by you. If you take a look at the bills on the account, for the last few months they’ve been higher than the DD payments of £40 - £50 you’ve been making. Due to this we reviewed the account to bring the DD in line with your average use per month which is £58.

If your IHD isn’t showing use properly, please could you follow this link and fill in the details of the issue?

Once you’ve sent that in we’ll try and fix your IHD overnight, so it should start working within 24 hours.
Make sure you keep your IHD turned on and within 5m of your electricity meter overnight and restart it in the morning if nothing has changed.

If this doesn’t work, please try following the steps in your Bulb account again on a different date (the fix sometimes works the second time). If it’s still not working after 2 attempts, let us know :slight_smile:

@izzyhunt I agree it is a shame! It’s important to aim at reducing reliance on gas and keep building more renewable generation and low carbon technologies in the UK in order to benefit from the lower cost of renewables in the long term :crossed_fingers:

If you read my comment I said 3 price rises in less than 8 months 10 months if you take it to Oct…nothing at all to do with my payments or DD and You will not change my DD without my consent. Since having the meter we have gone from £38-40 to £58??? I will reset my DD thank you and if I need to top up my account (I am currently in CREDIT) I will and to be honest if you took a reading and then prepared a bill rather than having everyone looking as tho they are in debit you would have a lot less complaints. I note no explanation as to why those who only have electricity are being penalised for the gas prices going up especially as you say you only use renewable!!! The unit is switched on all we get is a lighting sign, no daily usage monthly usage of anything else. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER and from the comments I am not the only one.

@mjlgirly oops sorry thought you said 8 there! Apologies.

We don’t change direct debits without informing you in advance, if your account has a review of the DD we email you with a month’s notice before any changes are made. For billing we take a direct debit payment that is added to your Bulb Account of a set amount each month in advance and then bill from that payment. So the bill is taken from the payment in advance. If the account is in debt it would be that the payments in advance for energy haven’t been enough to cover that month’s consumption.

If you’d prefer to pay on receipt of bill we can set this up for you no problem, just let me know. This would mean the exact amount of your bill would be taken automatically each month, instead of a set amount each month.

In terms of your IHD, if its not displaying the use properly, please fill out the form I linked above as this resets it remotely.

In terms of your questions about elec only and gas prices- it’s true that these increases are mainly driven by rising gas costs however the UK is still dependent on gas-fired power plants for a significant chunk of electricity generation. So, higher gas costs mean higher electricity costs too.

As myself and @izzyhunt have mentioned above, renewables are linked to the cost of wholesale so changes to wholesale still affect renewable energy providers. We explain that in our blog as well if you’re interested.

Holly it was you who mentioned the DD amount so when I check my account and see that I am in credit I see no reason for an increase in my DD as stated if I need to top up my account I will to ensure I stay in credit. Of course many accounts probably show as being in debit as the payments and statements are not inline with each other. If i wish to change I will advise.

@mjlgirly - Okay no problem. I was referencing payment reviews on the account generally & the suggested amounts. You can check to see how much we think your monthly direct debit should be taking into account your usage and any debit on the account here: Bulb account

You don’t have to change the monthly amount, it’s just a suggestion based on your consumption. If you are on top of the account and amend it as and when needed then there’s nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

I joined Bulb because they supply 100% renewable electricity and ‘renewable gas’… However, have just been informed that my ‘fixed price’ bill is rising for the 3rd time this year due to the increase in wholesale gas prices and resulting increase in electricity costs as this is generated from gas! I need to understand why the rise in gas prices would affect the cost of 100% renewable electricity… if Bulb operates just like any other big supplier, primarily with offsets, then what is the point of being here? I joined Bulb to benefit the environment and in an effort to not be affected by the increase in wholesale gas prices.

Hey @davidos

We don’t offer fixed rates at Bulb- we have one variable tariff so this adjusts with the wholesale cost of energy. If you take a look at the thread I’ve just merged your query on to, we’ve explained above why the cost of wholesale has affected our prices even though we supply 100% renewable elec and carbon neutral gas, and why gas costs affect elec costs as well.

As I mentioned in response to Izzy above, the UK is still heavily reliant on gas so we need to keep investing in renewable energy and low carbon tech in order to benefit from a lower cost of renewables in the future.

If you have any questions let me know!

– H :bulb:

Hi Holly, I see the thread but conclude that this is a rigged market. 100% renewable electricity should be just that… not electricity purchased from gas generation and thus subject to the increase in fossil fuel costs. Bulb energy is more expensive than other renewable energy sources such as Scottish Power but I accepted the premium as thought I was genuinely contributing to an alternative market for renewable energy but your response indicates that Bulb members are still part of the fossil fuel market and thus helping to perpetuate it. I am disappointed.

@davidos 100% renewable energy is 100% renewable- it hasn’t been created through gas generation or fossil fuels. Bulb and other renewable suppliers are limited by the fact all sources of energy form part of the same overarching energy market, so if non-renewable price increases it affects the price of the renewables as well.

We do supply 100% renewable electricity which can be traced back to a 100% renewable source & make sure the energy we supply makes an impact. By being powered by Bulb we’re contributing that much more renewable energy to the grid to supply your home, so you are helping contribute to the market- it’s just that this market is still tied to fossil fuels.

We need more and more investment in renewable generation in order to create the change we’re all aiming to achieve with a sustainable future, so by being with us, you are helping that investment :slight_smile:

Well - we now have another electricity price increase which Bulb has just announced - unfortunately the wind has not been very good at generating much electricity recently and so all suppliers must rely on gas and nuclear for their base load.

However it is very disappointing that Bulb’s daily charge is also going up at the same time.

Surely standing charge costs are predictable and not subject to wholesale rates? I feel that the infrastructure cost is not dependent on wholesale prices, Bulb’s costs are known by them since they began. So I am puzzled as to why the standing charges go up as well as the KWh cost of the electricity.

As I have said in my original post - if, as we are being constantly told in the media, electricity generated from wind and solar is now more competitive than energy generated from fossil fuels - shouldn’t we begin seeing an overall gradual decrease in the cost of our electricity? Why does it keep increasing?

With yet another Wholesale price increase about to happen I want to know when the Smart Export Guarantee rate is going to increase accordingly? If we are generating excess power and it is being fed back into the grid shouldn’t we get a fair price for it?

I agree and it’s awful. Bulb have whacked on the maximum increase. I have found a fixed tariff with EDF, cheaper than Bulb, no exit fees and a £75 account credit. It definitely is worth shopping around and Bulb in the past 12 months have become a mess on so many fronts, from overcharging, huge price increases, spiralling customer complaints and the resignation of its co-founder. They are also in serious financial difficulties and had to defer £55 million in loan payments!

Hey @Oldsirhippy and @MisterH, I’ve merged your posts on to this thread as the questions you raised should be answered above as well as in the blog post we wrote about the price change.

If you do have any more though let me know! :relaxed:

Just been to uswitch to look at deals - this is what the web site said:
There are no savings available right now through Uswitch
Your current plan must be pretty good! There are currently no cheaper plans available.