Energy Rates Are Going Up

the resignation of its co-founder. That saving should cover the deferred loan payment :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Try a few different comparison sites and then try the big 4 directly. Many of the comparison sites are a stich-up and do not deal with all providers or necessarily have good deals. they have been set-up to try and sell you the deals which bring them the highest rates of commission.

Thanks. I’ll look around

Ok. Wholesale oil/gas price may increase domestic gas and electricity prices BUT we selected a renewable electric tarif. This is unaffected by wholesale oil prices. Please justify why renewable tarif is being increased. It’s not because of wholesale oil prices! I’m happy to go shopping with your competitors but have been happy with your service until now.

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Unfortunately, changes in the wholesale market do impact us when we supply renewable energy. At the moment, there is only one price for electricity and gas and the cost of renewable energy is linked to this. So higher fossil fuel prices put up the price of renewables too.

In the UK, we’re still heavily reliant on gas which means with the rising gas costs, the cost of electricity goes up as well and the whole energy market is affected.

These increases are affecting all energy companies, and other suppliers have increased their tariffs already.

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the only way to deal with these robbing you know what, is get rid of them, that’s exactly what I’m planning to do. 2 price hikes inside 6 months, its not acceptable, and what’s really been the last straw is emailing me about you haven’t topped up our thieving meter’s in the last 30 days, well ill tell you what “BULB” and you can tell your shareholders this…you know where you can stick your service. I’m moving

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I’ve merged this onto the relevant price change thread. As we’ve mentioned above and on our blog, we’ve had to change our prices as the cost of wholesale has changed and as we have a variable tariff this has changed in line with that.

We check in with our prepay members to make sure they’re doing alright if they haven’t topped out in a while. We give 30 days notice about price changes so if you would like to switch you’re free to do so as we don’t hold members to a contract

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I have had a look at prices from other suppliers , and ignoring those few with appalling customer service, it appears that the vast majority are equal or more expensive than Bulb.
The best saving that I could get was £37 per annum on a projected annual spend of around £2500. Hardly worth the effort. Given the amount of hot air on this thread, I would be surprised if many were not self sustaining on heating. :sweat_smile:


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Thanks for your positivity. As you say, these increases are affecting all energy companies and its great to hear we are coming up as equal to or less expensive.

The price cap limits what suppliers can charge customers per unit of energy and in standing charge, it’s not a cap on the total cost of your annual energy bill. Our prices will be below the price caps for all our members. We bill to your meter readings and we’ll continue to do so, the cost per unit however has changed.

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Exactly this. I just got an email from the MSE Cheap Energy Club and it has only given me two deals I could switch two, both with an 8-legged firm and £75 more expensive over the year!

Ridiculous how expensive things have got. Not much Bulb can do about it sadly :frowning:


I thought Bulb was wonderful- paid 80.00 a month then went down to 55.00 - saved tons in comparison to British Gas. Then slowly slowly it started to climb…102 then 130! As bad as BG so I think that Bulb are trying to claw back money lost through COVID19. I am now looking for a new supplier- so disappointing it had to end this way

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Thanks for taking the time to post on Community. I’ve moved your post over to a thread which covers some of the reasons behind the most recent price rise. As others have explained, wholesale costs have increased a lot which has impacted energy rates throughout the industry.

As we offer a vari-fair tariff, it will go up and down depending on the market. Whenever costs go down, we try to reduce our prices too and give that saving back to our members. I hope this helps you understand why we’ve had to raise our prices.

We’re really sorry to see you go.

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Please supply your tariff prices after 1st October

Go to the Bulb Home page, scroll to the bottom, and click Tariff (left-hand column).

Put in your postcode, and tick the other boxes to suit, and it will show you Bulb’s prices for you.

Does that show October prices?

Yes it does. Bulb announced the price rises to come into affect on the 1st of October and they provide a minimum of 30 days notice to existing customers of increases. New customers, who tend to use the public tariff page, will be put onto the new rates as soon as they join.

You can log into your Bulb account to see the current tariff prices you are on and you should have received an email between the 14th and 31st of August with the new prices.