Energy rebate £400

Hi everyone, i read some news about energy rebate £400. Is anyone get this with bulb company?

Or it’s not real?

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It was announced by the government yesterday, as part of a package of “cost of living crisis” measures.

It replaces the previously announced £200 energy bill “rebate” (that was really a 5-year loan) that was scheduled for October 2022.

This time, it is a straight rebate, is still scheduled for October 2022, and should simply appear as a credit on your energy bill (key/card/meter topup for prepayment customers - such customers will probably need to decide how to split the rebate between fuels, and then respond promptly when asked in order to receive the rebate in a timely fashion).

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As this is very recent news, we don’t have sufficient information to advise our members yet but we will do so when we know more :bulb:


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So already you’re getting your excuses ready for delaying things or blaming technical issues for implementing the grant that you already knew was coming (£200 loan announced in April) whilst you decide how you (bulb) can benefit as a company over and above your paying customers.

Tell me I’m wrong…:rage:

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It was announced the other day I don’t like Bulb but the payment is not due for months and you respond like that!?

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Not sure you’ll be asked to split it. Why the need? I don’t have dual fuel but I guess those that do get one bill per month showing a combined total. The overall account will show a credit of £400 which will be used to settle bills - gas, electricity, or both.

You asked to tell you you’re wrong. You’re wrong?

Prepayment customers only.

Where the rebate will need to be loaded onto their meters or keys/cards, and so they’ll want to be able to apportion it between fuels as they see fit.

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Fair point!! I now understand what you mean.