Energy saving top tips

Hi Guys,

I thought I’d see if our community have any tips they use to save energy and reduce their bills.

There are some really easy quick wins. Here’s a few of my favs:

  1. Switching electrical appliances to standby can save up to £30 a year.
  2. Turn your lights off when you’re not using them. This can save roughly £15 a year.
  3. Showering for 1 less minute per day can save £10 per year, per person.

Personally I think these are no brainers we can all use to save ourselves around £50 a year. Just think what you could do with all that extra dosh!

Does anyone have any other top tips they are willing to share?


Luckily I don’t wake up early enough to have a 30 minute long shower every day, otherwise my energy bill would be 300 quid more a year. Ouch.

Using a washing up bowl instead of running the tap can save £30 a year. Pretty snazzy.

we have a washing up bowl but generally use the dishwasher
the power shower is always set to the lowest flow which is quite enough
we have a wood burner which saves on the heating
we use a heated airer rather than the tumble dryer ( which we have as well as we had that any way) the airer is great the room smells nice it stops the room getting to dry and keeps the chill off overnight especially good for the cat

@pinkcalculator Sounds like you’re pretty efficient! Do you have any form of insulation at the property?

Another good tip is investing in a Smart energy monitor to keep track of your energy usage.
We heavily subsidise smart energy monitors for our members who have their energy with us - they normally cost £75 but you get them for £20.

we have cavity wall and some loft insulation as we converted the loft to a bedroom and large open plan study. The lovely velux window allow the sun in keeping up here nice and warm.

@pinkcalculator Well it seems you have most bases covered! Cavity wall is a very effective way of keeping heat in.

Have you ever thought about solar panels? They are a long term investment but certainly worth looking at. I personally think these are really cool as they negate the issue of panels being an eye sore.

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If you have the roof space, solar panels pay their money back quicker than double glazing, plus you can sell energy back to the grid after, so you make money on them in the long term.

I live in a flat though, so that ones going to have to wait a while for me unfortunately.

@Sam I would have had them years ago but my hubby proscastinates too much

Isn’t Mr calculator an engineer? I would have thought it would be right up his street!

he is yes and was worried about the weight on the roof but I don’t know now if doing it would be quite so lucrative

I think solar is only getting more lucrative as the cost of solar panels per watt of electricity decreases. Worth looking into anyway.

I don’t wash. Much better lots of savings :smiley:

I was more meaning the cash back from the government scheme I think these have bottomed out a bit, we face south so it would have been great, but he said no so Im not going to go over it all again.

Ah fair enough, definitely important to get the most out of those schemes as possible.

hi i am a new customer to bulb and I have a few questions


Hi @iza_izaa94 , welcome to Bulb and our community. What’s up?

Prices… wholesale prices have dropped over 30%…I have written to my MP and will soon start a petition on social media about energy companies refusibg to pass on these prices as you BULB say you do…it’s a disgrace