Energy Supply

As you have grown very rapidly how much of your energy is now supplied by your own community of green generators and how much is bought on the wholesale energy market. Does an increasing reliance on the market increase the risk to the supply and also to the cost of the energy? Many thanks

Also - sorry one more question - are all of your members also paying customers? Many thanks again

Hi @Curious. Great questions! Currently about 7-8% of our electricity is directly from generators, and 92% is from the wholesale market. We are working to increase the amount directly from generators to 20%. For gas, we buy the 10% of green gas directly from generators.

In terms of the risk/cost, it’s actually very similar regardless of how we get the energy. This is because even when we buy directly from generators, the price we pay is still governed by the current market rates.

And yes, all of our members pay for their energy! Although, some people make lots of referrals which means we end up paying them overall