Energy Switch on specific date

I have a tenant moving into a house we rent out and I need to carry out an energy switch/new account on a specific date. Is this possible does any know?

Hey @TheCrew

You can schedule a move out from your Bulb Account- just click the little green truck icon in the top right corner- and select the specific date. When you do this you can input the details of the next tenant including their name and email so we can contact them when its time for them to take over the account and get in touch to set it up. We then process that move out automatically and send you your last bill :blush:

Hi Holly,
the account for the house is currently with Shell, so it will be a new account with Bulb

Ahh I see. Okay so a switch takes 21 days and we won’t be able to speed it up so if you were to switch it today it’ll be with us on 21/07/2021. If you have a specific date in mind just make sure to start the move to us 21 days before then and it should work out :blush:

Ah, OK that makes sense…T

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