Energy usage & billing data to spreadsheet

Hi - is there any way I can get the data from the “payments & statements” or “energy usage” page in a machine-readable format, perhaps CSV? I’d like to put it into a spreadsheet and do some analysis. Ideally I’d like all of the data from my bill, i.e. electricity and gas usage as well as costs.

nice idea - API? JSON? CSV? … perhaps this comes out of the box with SMETS2?

I was able to copy+paste everything from the usage page into a google docs spreadsheet, and it came out in a nice clean table.
That gets you part of the way, then you just need to dump in your tariff info with your other calculations.


@allanlewis Welcome to Bulb Community! :smile:

Unfortunately not, but @ryan4257’s spreadsheet looks like a good shout! :heart_eyes:

If we do get this feature, you’ll definitely see the functions when you sign in. I’ll certainly pass the idea on to our teams! :+1:t5: