Energy Usage Dashboard Breakdown

Hi all.

Since our Bulb Usage Dashboard page started showing daily usage, which was when we first moved onto Bulb’s Smart Tariff, I’ve been wondering why Bulb don’t provide more varied breakdowns of the Usage into Years, Months, Days.

Being able to see our daily usage overt the last 30 days is a nice feature, however, this does not provide any ability to compare individual months to one another which I think can be a better indicator of the effectiveness of a user’s changing electricity habits.

As we have solar, being able to see changing electricity usage between summer and winter is also rather important, and the best granularity for this would be a monthly breakdown.

Thinking back to just before moving to Bulb, SSE provided us with an annual, monthly, daily and hourly breakdown of our usage.

I would have thought that Bulb being the savvy tech start up would be keen to offer such a breakdown on their own website.

I also seem to remember that before Bulb started taking smart-meter readings from us, they were providing our usage breakdown as a monthly view only, which would seem to indicate that your system is capable of showing both a monthly break down and a daily break down. However, each breakdown is respectively segregated to users on manual readings and those on smart readings.

Furthermore, there is no usage comparison which would also be nice to have.

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I was just about to ask the same question and you beat me to it!
I had my first big bill of the year today with the colder weather and want to compare my month by month usage with the same periods last year. I used to be able to do this using your monthly charts but now I cannot see them and the day by day chart is of no use to me. Can you tell us how to access this?

Many thanks

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The Samsung SmartThings app offers most of those features.

@Dan42 whilst I appreciate this is a functioning feature for the select members on Bulb who have a functioning SMETS 2 meter and the new IHD.

However, many more users cannot benefit from this. Such as my self who has a SMETS 1 meter. Futhermore, at the end of the day, I pay Bulb to handle my energy data, not Samsung. Bulb’s own database should have logs of all users usage, from the day they joined. I cannot see how prioritizing the accessibility of this data through a 3rd party service, not available to all members, has taken precedence over Bulb building this feature internally first, website and app.

Offering the added Samsung integration over existing in place accessibility and functionality, I would be all for… offering the customer more choice and flexibility and all.

With that said, I am curious to know how far back can you view your usage data using the Samsung SmartThings service. Only until the day you connected it to your IHD or can you view your complete history since you’ve been on Bulb?

Let’s be honest though why Bulb don’t just develop an API and get the community to slowly develop such tools in an opensource manner is quite beyond me. Even the likes of Microsoft have started to figure out they can get large parts of their software developed free of charge by the community.

Whilst I’m at it though Octopus’s Tesla Tariff has too much barrier to entry, as if a Powerwall 2 was not enough you have to also own a Tesla vehicle :money_mouth_face:. But with that said, that’s a company attempting to innovate and disrupting the dull status quo of UK energy tarrifs. And they’ve got their own public API which has allowed their community to develop some rather unique apps and IFTTT integration with their Agile tariff. Bulb just seem so unfocused on their development.

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Agreed. Bulb had such ambitious plans for the smart meters but I think they’ve all been shelved while they divert resources to getting the smart meters to basically function.

I suspect we are moving to a time where some customers will pay more for the advanced smart meter functionality that some providers are starting to offer. I’ve considered Octopus but it is too expensive for me!

Regarding the data in the Samsung app, they only store data generated after you set up the service and sign the data sharing agreement. It is probably a GDPR thing.

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Well said. Agree with the whole post, particularly the comments on open source. I’ve said to Bulb during their phase of customer interviews more than 12 months ago that if they just get the infrastructure in place then people will develop cool stuff FOR FREE. As you say, completely unfocussed and now lagging massively behind the likes of Octopus.

The only thing keeping me with Bulb right now is the fact they can communicate with my SMETS1 smart meter. I’d have switched to Octopus by now if it didn’t mean having to get my meter replaced again. The second my DCC migration is done and Octopus say they can handle my meter, I’ll be off. I want/need a leading edge energy supplier and Bulb have sadly been disappointing with such lack of progress.

I do understand that Bulb, and the industry as a whole, have had huge troubles with smart meters. But none of that explains the problems with Bulb’s own internal infrastructure and data visualisation tools. Just because the smart meters don’t work, doesn’t mean you can’t develop everything needed in parallel ready for when they do work. All these tools should have been ready to go the second the delayed meter readings started working. The fact that so much of Bulb is broken internally, and they’re having to rebuild their entire billing and accounts platform, I still think Bulb are mired in technical debt and and quite possibly will now never become the disruptive supplier they were meant to be.

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