Energy usage estimates

I am wondering if I get refunded if bulbs estimates are way higher than my real readings.

For example I have in fact used less gas up to 15th October than was estimated for 12 July. This is a vast over estimation

@Rupert_Scott Hi Rupert, thanks for flagging this for us. In the absence of a read directly from our members, we will be provided with an estimate to open your account to.

Since your current reading is still lower than the starting estimate, it’s definitely best we go ahead and dispute that starting read. Could you send us another reading in about a week’s time? We’ll then calculate a rate for your usage and generate a new, more accurate starting read and send that off to your previous supplier. Once they agree to it, we’ll be able to rebill you for your actual usage. :slight_smile:

This isn’t the first time I have entered in meter readings though. To have my estimate created from only one weeks usage isn’t the best reflection of how much energy I use. I put in my readings when I joined and I have just put in readings now. Why can’t you just recalculate how much I have been overcharged

It’s clearly a considerable amount. For example since I moved into the flat it has been inner the whole time. No radiator has been on since I moved in. Your estimates are created clearly through winter months.

@Rupert_Scott The estimates that we get in are based on your historical usage, so the data is collected from your previous supplier.

I definitely agree with you that these estimates are off and would like to get your account started to something more accurate. I can’t find any record of any readings from June, but I can see that we got one in recently, if you just send in another reading in a week’s time we can generate a much more accurate reading. I understand that it won’t be perfect, but it will be better than what we’ve got now. I can assure you that you’ll never pay for energy twice, or for energy that you haven’t used yet.

We can get your account started to a better estimate, and make sure your account is in tip top shape as we get more readings in.

Thanks for your help on this.