Energy Usage graph

My Bulb Energy Usage graph shows just 6 months on my Account page - 1st month actual bill, 2nd to 6th months projected bills, whereas Bulb Help has informed me that I should be able to see 12 months - 1st 4 months actual bills, 5th to 12th months projected bills.
I’m wondering if it’s just my Account that has this bug that needs fixing, or whether any other Members can only see 6 months. Anyone else?

The energy usage graphs are set up in calendar years. When I go on your online account, I can see Jan-April of this year (May will appear with your next statement). Is this different to what you see? You joined in 2017, but those months will not be visible on your usage chart.

@“Owen at Bulb”
Consult with your colleagues Safiye and Joshua, as I’ve sent them copies of the graph visible to me - 6 months (April actual in green, May to September projected, in grey).

I find that the usage graph depends on the device in use, examples:

Tablet landscape gives January to December
Tablet portrait gives April to September
Phone landscape & portrait gives April to September (this has changed as it used to differ portrait to landscape)

You have to set the orientation before choosing usage graph from the menu (it does not change once the page is loaded)

However all the above for me is rather useless as the graph does not work for economy 7 users!

“My usage” graph counting all electric usage at the day rate

Indeed you seem to be correct! If I open and log in to my Bulb Account on my desktop computer with the browser in fullscreen mode - which I would not normally do - the energy usage graph displays a full 12 months, which then remains even if I adjust the browser to my usual standard mode.
@“Owen at Bulb”
Hey presto?

@stephen9620 all’s well then? I’ve flagged the changing usage graph up to our tech guys, to see if it’s a feature or just something that happens, let us know if there’s anything else about it that we can help with :slight_smile: